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Spot Delivery - associations and segmenting.
Kim Kardashian fans in Chislehurst.
Segmenting : Age : Class : Hangout 
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Deliver samples to..Kim, Celine and Ed Sheeran fans in Chistlehurst.


There are at least 10 reasons why one in every 5 celebrity struck women under 35 look like they’ve been contouring. It works.

So chasing after Kim fans – most of whom are willing spenders – must be worth something for your business.


  • Link the association between customer segments – the usual : age, class , gender .
  • Then look up the places they are most likely to be found.

Here’s the best of it. There’s the best place to find Celine Dion and Ed SheeRan fans en masse – outside of their living ROoms.

Where to find Kim fans in chistlehurst

Night life – music venues – sample delivery – Spot marketing.

Paris Hilton – ex best watchers – top nightclub

Try Biba’s.

The key associations between Kim Kardashian and Chislehurst other than the TV set, facebook, YouTube, watch online and ‘that video’ is youth, and nightlife , followed by music.

This means the best place to deliver samples to Kim K fans will be associated with music, youth, nightlife and beauty.

Following a map search of places in Chislehurst, here are our top results.
The Bickley – Club atmosphere & Great food.

The Beaverwood – from disco parties to music nights.

Biba’s – Relive your youth as you get ID’ed – overspend on drinks and maybe lose it.

Ramblers Rest – Modern pub restaurant. Club like atmosphere. Five starred.

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