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Great Design.Simple – specific – recurrent delivery. Better returns on investment. Spot Delivery ….. costs a little more. Higher returns. Great Engagement. We start with great design – larger quantity prints.Then we anchor your marketing with our subscriptions and recurrent delivery.Make it specific – Spot-delivery/ marketing-and-delivery-plan/Spot Delivery.Can be very creative. Like this Leaflets delivered to households in a local area toNew – developments with red car’s only All you need to do is ask.Here is a great idea..Reason for marketing : Excess blue paint. Deliver A6 leaflets for local mechanics. Offer on leaflet – 20% off car repaint – blue … Continue reading our model

Everything about everything on religion

Religion feels like a crazy, uncomfortable thing to write about ; for good reason. We live in a world that is chock full of religious conflict. The first key tension in any room once we talk culture, other than colour is religion. The effect is tangible when a topic is diplomatically changed after a point is made on religion. It feels like a faux pas. Would you rather not read the newspaper,  maybe – text someone on social avoidance auto mode. Religion is about life and culture , so if we are to talk in great depth about any topic … Continue reading Everything about everything on religion

The Everything Directory 3

Random picks

The Everything Site – not here,

This oneFoundations for living a good life. No killing moment this, just wanted to differentiate. They do Love, Health and happiness. Completely different from us. Also use wordpress.🙆🙆 Namaste.

The theory of everything. Everything you need to know about Steven Hawkings.

Do not watch everything – five mins is more than enough. Then try netflix or Prime.

For music – try REM or is it R.E.M

You are the everything.

The original theory of everything.

Albert Einstein

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The Everything Directory (1)

Sites to visit. Just search for everything is everything . Lauryn Hill – everything is everything – music video ( doesn’t she remind you of Ms Knowles – Carter) Just saw the clip – Everything, Everything 2017. Then there’s Indie band – Everything – https://www.everything-everything.co.uk Wait a second. Cough. Cough. Michael Buble’s – everything https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SPUJIbXN0WY Continue reading The Everything Directory (1)

Go.Spot.It. Our Marketing Concept.

We do Shorter Distance – Direct Marketing. Subscription based services for smaller businesses. Shorter Distances come with  stronger sense of purpose. Cheaper and higher impact than digital marketing, this is a perfect option for small businesses. From designing and printing invites to neighborhood events (garage sales, boot sales, clearouts) marketing artisan and specialty craft products to simple direct marketing for local businesses. In a world where direct means obstructive, we take care to remain both unobtrusive and easy to spot – hence our focus on artwork. The bottom line is this – you can’t miss us. We make sure you get noticed. Here’s direct marketing you won’t … Continue reading Go.Spot.It. Our Marketing Concept.

Everything you need to know about what’s trending this week.

Source: Google trends. Top 20 searches 20/12/2018.

Catch a falling star.sparkler-677774_1920.jpg

  1. Taylor Swift : The usual. How many boyfriends has Taylor had? /Has Taylor slept with any of em except Jake Gyllenhaal? / How did Harry Styles happen? / I can’t believe she was with Ed Sheeran – and by the way- she is still friends with Ed Sheeran – rumour is – she picked him up during a studio session..Don’t Miss – reputation tour – netflix. Kanye still doesn’t like Taylor winning with someone else’s gifts – but if Taylor were black, she’d be Beyonce right now. Everything you need to know about Taylor.

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Moving away from Vainglory…

I pictured Tom Cruise in my head when I started this train of thought. In Americanese, this has got to be good. Mission Impossible franchise in his hands will likely end up looking like a satirical version of Seth Rogens version of North Korean leaders at their finest. I wish I had better English for the meaning of the sub genre attached to American Pie🐣 Not so random, everything here seems like it shouldn’t go wrong. When I want to write a poem, a short story, blog, cook, the first thing I used to get was stupid vainglorious noise.  This is … Continue reading Moving away from Vainglory…

Spot delivery

Deliver samples to.. Kim Kardashian fans in Chistlehurst.😤 How do you handle a request like that? Well, we link the association between customer segments – the usual : age, class , gender . Then we look up the places they are most likely to be found. Locally. The key associated links between Kim Kardashian and Chislehurst other than the TV set, facebook, YouTube, watch online and ‘that video’ is youth, and nightlife , followed by music. This means the best place to deliver samples to Kim K fans will be associated with music, youth, nightlife and beauty. Following a map … Continue reading Spot delivery